Crop Inputs Financing

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   United Cooperative Crop Inputs Include:   Pay in December 2020  
  • Fertilizer
  • Chemicals
  • Lubricants
  • Custom Application
  • Seed
  • Fuel
  • Dryer LP
  • Agronomy Services
  • Simpli-Fi loan - Provides financing for your agronomy and related services purchased at United Cooperative in one simple application. A Simpli-Fi loan has the potentially cover your land rent.


  • CFA Online System - Real-time access to your loan balances, history, make payments and more!

Financing available to qualified applicants


Applications are available here or through your agronomist. 


Simpli-Fi Application


Please have your agronomist look over your application to make sure everything is filled out properly prior to submission. All original signed documents must be sent to:


United Cooperative
Attn: Mary Beth Schade
N7160 Raceway Road

Beaver Dam, WI 53916

  If the application is not filled out properly, it will be returned to you.  
  *By completing and signing the application, you are agreeing to United Cooperative's Terms & Conditions. These can be found in the Application.